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reel peripheral

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Designed for winding web of paper or paperboard in rolls.


Nakat peripheral type consists of frames, rolling cylinder with scraper, receiving instruments, the main lever is straightened shaft, one or two bumagoveduschih shafts, braking, roll, aerial refueling device, a set of bobbin shaft.

frame cast iron or welded steel box section steel.

rolling cylinder cast iron drum to which are attached by bolts, cast iron cover with pins. The cylinder is set in rolling bearings, a device for the supply and discharge of cooling water.

Chabert consists of a welded hull, and the blade holder. It can be equipped with a mechanism of the oscillation along the axis of a cylinder rolling.

Foster levers are designed to recharge on the tambour roller fabrics of paper or cardboard and primary winding of the roll.

main levers are used to clamp the cylinder coil winding reel and the removal of the finished roll. The levers are moved air or hydraulic cylinders.

accelerating device used to disperse the vestibule of the shaft to the speed of a cylinder rolling.

braking device shall stop after the end of the winding roll.

tambour shaft - steel tube with pressed-in pins with her patrons. At the ends of the coupling pins are set to connect to the peal of the cutting machine longitudinally.

Fig. 1. Reel (without magazine bobbin shaft)

1 - bed 2 - tambour shaft with a roll of paper, 3 - tambour at the beginning of the winding shaft, 4 - cylinder, 5 - to straighten the shaft 6 - tree bumagoveduschy

Главная Machines for paper and paperboard production reel peripheral

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